Find fashion


Hi everyone,

You have probably all heard the news about the fashion Shazam that launched last week, called Style-Eyes. But doesn’t the concept sound familiar?? In September I wrote this article about Spot & Shop, a Dutch initiative from fashionista Nikky and Sanoma (yes the one from the magazines! ;))

Well today Spot & Shop launched their website ( and I though it would be nice to write a short opinion piece on both concepts! Both concepts look a lot a like and I think both concepts have a lot to offer! While Style-Eyes is very digital, and probably has a computer search for matching items (They do have to do some updating; I have come across a couple of weird mistakes haha), Spot & Shop is a community where fashionista’s can help each other. So other like minded people do the searching for you! This means more work I guess, but also more accurate results based on how fashionista’s look at it. 

If you are searching for a particular item, I think Spot & Shop is the way to go! Most fashionista’s find their items within 3 hours, WOW! But I think that if you are walking in the city, while you are shopping and you see an item on an advertisement or on a celeb via Instagram, I think it’s best to use Style-Eyes. You probably won’t get a perfect match, but something that looks like it. To me personally, both concepts are useful. The Spot & Shop website for when I have more time and are looking for a particular item. And the Style-Eyes app for immediate look-a-likes!

Have you already tried one or both of the concepts?? Ciao!!