Black, white and gold – outfitpost

Wow, all of a sudden it is so incredibly hot here in the Netherlands! One day you are complaining about the crappy spring and a moment later, well 4 days give and take, and the temperature is just tropical.

I must say, I love sunshine, and I really like 20 degrees better than 10. But, yes a but, what do you wear to work or school on a day when it’s 30 degrees?! Well luckily I was free today, and with a little bit of luck, tomorrow as well so I wore a black and white outfit with some golden details. Black shorts, a loose white with Swedish House Maffia printed top, a H&M bikini from a year or two ago which I still love, my cute lace shoes and some cool jewelry.


PS: The moment GFC will shot down comes closer and closer and I saw some handy blogpost about how to convert your Google Reader feeds into your Bloglovin’ account! Read it HERE and HERE, hope to see you all on Bloglovin’!! <3 

I am wearing; Top, shorts, bikini top and shoes from H&M;
necklace unknown (gift from Stylight);
 bracelets unknown (gifts from Indonesia). 

So pretty much a H&M outfit haha, but I do think it’s a cool combination. I personally love the combination of Black, White and Gold. And for his weather it really is a perfect outfit, really loose, relaxed, a little bit fierce, showing skin but not feeling too nude haha.

What do you think of my outfit?!