Exclusive: take a peek into my closet.

Hi all, 

Today I would like to give you as my readers an exclusive peek into my closet! 
I am not a rich girl, so maybe it’s not as cool as you expected to be haha, but I like my closet. 

My closet has a nice organisation and just enough space (I do need to switch between seasons by the way haha). So, well I hope you like it, enjoy and let me know what you guys think! 🙂

xoxo Saranda  

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From top to bottom, first my jeans/pants (only the ones I wear during the spring and summer), than my blazers which I wear throughout the whole year. Than my newest blouse, thanks to Coolcat! My two newest dresses, never actually worn outside of the house haha, soon, real soon! My most favorite bikinis and my tankini (brands: H&M, Hunkemöller and BlueGlue). 

And continuing with my jewelry holder, my Victoria’s Secret bag with random stuff in it haha and my favorite body butter: Lomi lomi from Therme. Next is a sneak peek into my two bottom drawers. In the first drawer I have my t-shirts, tops, vests and blouses. In my second drawer I have my sports gear, my summer one pieces, partydresses, shorts and skirts. And finishing with a last picture of my whole closet. The other half of the closet unfortunately is my boyfriends haha 😉