New online fashion platform, STYLIGHT!

Hi lovely followers, 

You have probably already seen the name come around a couple of times on my blog but today I would like to tell you some more about one of the newest online fashion platforms: STYLIGHT!

We all love lookbook, fashiolista, pinterest, polyvore and all those other online fashion platforms. But what if you could combine some of these concepts into one? One big platform for fashionista’s and fashionista’s to be? That maybe have been the idea behind STYLIGHT and for sure it worked out great! On STYLIGHT you can make your own boards. On these boards you can put items you love, your own looks, your inspiration, and you can get as creative as you like! And it actually is very simple from the beginning. So what do you know now? First of all, STYLIGHT is a great mixture / combination of the concepts from lookbook, fashiolista, pinterest, polyvore, tumblr and maybe even more. It brings everything together in one website where you can show of your own style and inspiration! 

Read on to learn more!

As you can see on the first page if you visit the website, STYLIGHT is at the moment available in a couple of European countries. Luckily for everyone on the planet waiting, you can use the website in another language/country than your own as long as the STYLIGHT community hasn’t yet landed in yours. Pfew you must think! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

When you click on the country you live in you can make your own account or browse through the website. Once you have your own profile on STYLIGHT you can click on your own icon in the upper right corner and check out your profile which will look something like this once you will use it the way I do:
I would love to post some of my boards in this post but I think that is a little bit too much since this post is not about my STYLIGHT profile but about the platform. If you did get curious, this are the boards I am most proud of: U’ll find him next to me and It’s the year of spring. Check them out and HEART them. Yes, on STYLIGHT you don’t like something, you heart it. Which I like! On most platforms you like or follow someone, on fashiolista you love something and on STYLIGHT you just heart it. Well my confession, I HEART STYLIGHT! <3

This said, you are probably wondering about why I heart STYLIGHT so much. Besides the fact that it’s an all-in-one fashion platform I like the way STYLIGHT works. They work with bloggers a lot, they have a great team as far as I know, they are inventive, creative and they host great contests! 

I don’t really know STYLIGHT that long yet, when one of the people I knew from highschool went to work for them as an intern I started to read more and hear more about STYLIGHT every week. And than I just started using it. I got curious and loved it from the start, using STYLIGHT was refreshing and easy. I soon found out some great inspiring users and there, I was hooked. 

One of the inspiring people:
Other inspiring STYLIGHT users:
byanna, liii, kayture & tlnique

Last but not least I wanted to let you all know that STYLIGHT also has an online magazine page! On this page you can find great articles about trends, bloggers, interviews met bloggers, users, the user of the week, contests, beauty, videos, celebs and more. The online magazine is in my opinion a great extra feauture of the platform and I really like the articles! It’s a very nice option to have if you are bored, not feeling creative what so ever but do want to escape and relax. I don’t actually miss anything on STYLIGHT, but it would be very awesome to be able to put a STYLIGHT widget or something on your blog… 

And now… Well you are probably thinking: I WANT A STYLIGHT PROFILE! Right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
If so, please go to the STYLIGHT website, make your own profile and start making the most amazing boards with your style! If you made a board please let me know and I will visit! I would love to see what you made and what inspires you! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Before I forget, you can also follow STYLIGHT on Facebook: Dutch Facebook
So STYLIGHT, pros: all in one fashion platform, great users, great online magazine, easy, amazing contests! Cons?? What cons? Join the STYLIGHT community now! And don’t forget to HEART me and my latest board

xoxo Saranda