Instagram weekly #16, beauty and brains

Dear followers,

Today it’s time for a new Instagram weekly! Last week has been fun and busy. I am almost done with gathering all my thesis data so that’s a pure sigh of relieve. My house got a huge spring cleaning last weekend, which means I even washed the windows, what a horror haha. So spring cleaning, check, thesis data, check, great fun on a great event with a great blogger buddy, check. And besides that I did so much more!! 

This week I will take it a little bit more easy. Yesterday I had to work, today I am “Free”, tomorrow I will have a Masters Lunch at Maastricht and afterwards I am going to Amsterdam to the Daring designers event and then Thursday and Friday I will be free again.

Enjoy this Instagram Weekly! Ciao, Saranda @ Sarandipity
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From left to right:

1. Our new fresh mint, yay fresh mint tea! 

2. Outfit post combination, made for my newest STYLIGHT board: U’ll find him next to me

3. Selfie, ready to leave from home to the Glamour in the City Bingo event, check out my review and impression about the event here!

4. Selfie while doing my make/up in the train haha, one eye is ready one eye is still kinda naked. The difference is HUGE in my opinion. The naked eye looks so tired – zombie like and the ready eye looks so fierce.

5. Songofstyle & Botkier giveaway on Instagram, of course I joined! By the way I love Aimee Song, she is such an inspiration for me!

6. Haha true, that really is my problem. Wanting to have a figure I am happy with, not much to complain but some little things I really want to improve for my own confidence. Mostly because of the summer coming up I want to look good in a Bikini… But I like food to much haha. 

7. Swatching in one of the beautystores near my home. On my hand you see the shaed of the CATRICE Naked Palette and two different L’Oreal lipglosses. 

8. “She finds color in the darkest places, she finds beauty in the saddest of faces.” Pretty pretty song… The Script – Walk away

9. My ride from yesterday! Wooohooo! I love my work at times when I can ride such fancy cars hihi. This car is the Lexus CT200h, definitely one of my new favorite rides. Also love the brown color!