Instagram Weekly #12

As promised in the Mellow Yellow post from yesterday I was going to tell you something more about tuesday! 

Since I have been living in Eindhoven I don’t get to see some of my friends that much anymore because of the travelling time, busy lives (working / studying). So when my friends invited me to go on a chocolat fondue date ofcourse I said yes! 

Friends + nice Italian gelateria/cafe + chocolat + icecream & fruit = best relaxation ever!

In Delft on one of the biggest marketsquares in Europe: me with hot starbucks tea / the new church / the  city hall / the Italian Gelateria and cafe Otelli.

We really had a lot of fun and a lot of chocolat hihi! It was really great catching up, next time probably will be a hightea date, I love tea! <3 Besides the chocolat fondue date with my (old) besties I also went to the Dutch National Circus in Maastricht, really the other side of Holland actually so that was a long long trainride. Really worth it though, I do not like clowns but I do like Acrobatics and Gymnastics acts. 

Overal, the day was great but very hectic! I even went running into the Sephora in Rotterdam to check out if I could still score some lovely items but unfortunately there was nothing left of my taste… 

From left to right: Selfie with my newest pride my DL1961 jeans / My guess wallet with Pan de Vida gifts (Pan de Vida is a foundation for Peruvian orphans which my grandparents are really involved in) / My Sephora collection with my older items and my newest items / Starbucks Jasmin Orange tea / Catrice nailswatch ‘The pinky and the brain’ / Shot from my latest outfit post.

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