On the edge – Outfit post

fashion outfit ootd sarandipity over the edge messy bun andy wolf sunglasses zara pearl earrings

Buongiorno ragazzi!

This early morning I would like to show you the first outfit of my Firenze OOTD shoot with my fellow Italian students Diego & Shawn! Normally I make my photos with my boyfriend or with blogger babe Britt from Brittamaxime.com but as both of them were not with me in Firenze I needed to find someone else! Lucky for me I found these great guys that made some really gorgeous photos! Let me tell you a bit more about this on the edge – outfit post…

We shot this look at a bridge and I actually did some risky stuff like holding my shark tooth Fashionology necklace over the rail of the bridge crossing the Arno river. I also looked down a couple of times with the big risk of loosing my sunglasses. Thankfully none of this happend and I still have all my precious items hihi.

This look actually was one of my favorites during my adventures in Italy. It is super comfy thanks to my Nikes and cute & feminine because of the skirt and the sunglasses! A casual sporty chic look great for a night dancing or going out for drinks!

So what am I wearing?
From head to toe: Sunglasses by Andy Wolf thanks to bckspace eyewear, Pearl earrings by Zara, Shark tooth necklace by Fashionology, Basic tank from H&M, Skirt from Zara and Nike Airmax LE sneakers.

As usual I would love to hear your opinion on this look so let me know in a comment :)


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Milan Fashion Week – Gucci, Emporio Armani & Fendi

Gucci-spring-summer-2015-milan fashion week-design-fashion-blog-sarandipity1

Ciao tutti!

Last week I was in Milano to end my Italian adventures with a huge dosis of fashion by going on the streets during Milan Fashion Week.

Most of the time I was spotting and shooting gorgeous streetstyle but I also attended some nice shows!! More about that later in a special Milan Fashion Week report! :D

Today I want to start with sharing some of my favorite looks per show with you all. As you might now I started of writing about a lot of different fashion shows and I love to do that again sometimes, especially for the Milan Fashion Weeks because I just adore Italian fashion!

When the Gucci show was going on inside this super pretty building I was outfit making street style photos and checking out famous bloggers and some celebs! Anna Wintour rushed her way through the crowd while Kate Moss arrived a bit later. A couple minutes later, I was about to take of because the biggest part of the crowd started dissolving, I almost bumped into Bryanboy and I went on a photo with the gorgeous Chiara Ferragni from the Blonde Salad.

Continue reading for my opinion about the Gucci, Emporio Armani & Fendi shows!

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Personal: Italian life


Ciao tutti!

Ho sono tornato / I’m back, from my Italian adventure and my wonderful Italian life! Because of my full time training at H&M and my immediate holiday afterwards I had a little bit of a blogging break which I really needed. But now I am back with some great new ideas, lots of creative spirit and some amazing stories to tell you!

Starting today with a little bit of a peek into my Italian life in Firenze, or Florence (As a self-pronounced Fiorentina or Florentian I prefer Firenze over Florence though…).

I arrived in Pisa and took the first bus to Firenze, I was exhausted from my full time training and I also learned some bad news just the day before I left. An emotional roller coaster to say the least. When boarding my plane in Eindhoven the excitement finally started to kick in but I was relieved when I arrived at my Fiorentine apartment. As soon as I met my roomie and flatmates I was happy and felt home! If you guys are reading this, thank you for the amazing time <3

Read on for the full story ;)

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Back on track

Fashion blogger Firenze outfit ootd shooting photography

Hi there everyone…

I have been on a pretty long blogging break because of work and a very exciting holiday! Today I came back home and I am full of new energy and inspiration to get Sarandipity back on track! I actually have a lot to share with you guys and I am super happy to give you a little bit of a sneak preview already.

First of all I will (of course) tell you all about the adventures I had the last couple of weeks, some travel tips for Firenze, a review of a new camera bag, outfits shot in the gorgeous town of Firenze and I also have a huge surprise. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might have already seen a bit but I can tell you it’s pretty huge!!

Besides all these cool upcoming articles I am also working on a couple of cool projects which I hope to tell you more about very soon :)

I’m pretty happy to be back again and to be able to keep you updated again!

As I just got back today I might need some time to get back on track of my blogging rhythm but I’ll try to update at least every day!


Easy breezy bracelets – Outfit post


Good morning dearies!

While I was in Amsterdam last Saturday I shot a very easy breezy outfit with a lot of armcandy. Hence the title Easy breezy bracelets ;) This look is actually very basic, I am wearing my all-time favorite jacket and besides that my currently favorite glasses and favorite heels. A lot of favorites in a very laid back outfit ;)

I shoot a lot of outfits that are a bit more dressed up, but an outfit like this would be the perfect work outfit or just when going to a bar, the movies or shopping.

This easy breezy outfit with the focus on accessories is really a look that is super comfy for me. Okay the heels are not the most easy to walk on in the Amsterdamned curbstones ;)

I really love the easy breezy bracelets I am wearing in this look. Two of them might be a little bit familiar to you since I wear these quite a lot but the ponyhair Noosa Amsterdam bracelet is new to my bracelets family. You might notice I have two Turquoise chunks on these Noosa bracelets right now and that is because Turquoise is my favorite gemstone. Not only do I just ADORE the color Turquoise but I also believe a little bit in the healing and good vibrations certain gemstones can give you…

Click on the read more button for more pictures :)


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