Baby blue – Outfit post

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Ciao dearies,

WARNING: bare legs outfit haha. I shot this outfit around 2 weeks ago when the Indian Summer was still going strong and I could easily where this during the day while not being cold at all. Guess this is what you get for not posting your looks soon enough haha ;)

This look is all about blue, baby blue, light denim blue, and skyblue. Blue is one of my favorite colors right now and I am very happy with the amount of blue hanging in my closed right now haha. To make the blue colors really stand out I went for a plain white tee and a brown faux leather skirt. Even my make-up was brown-ish!

To me the color combination of this look is just perfect and the golden hour of sundown gave the whole photoseries a sort of seventies feel.

I am wearing: a denim blouse by ONLY, plain white tee by Weekday, faux leather skirt from H&M, Furla Yucca shopper and Nike dunk Sky High wedge sneakers.

Can’t wait to hear your opinions on this Indian Summer look! :)

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Take the jump – Outfit post


Ciao dearies,

Sometimes in life you just have to take a jump. Taking the jump to starting something new, take the jump to go on a trip around the world. Sometimes you should just go for something and figure out on the way whether it is working out the way you hoped, or not.

At some points in my life I could have jumped, but I didn’t. I did not apply for some jobs because I knew for sure they would never hire me since I was already 23. And when I did take the jump, on advice from one of my best blogger friends Dagmar, it turned out amazing! I got the job and in no time I worked at one of my favorite stores. But I regret that I just now, a couple months ago, took the jump. Because at this point, I have lost this job due to circumstances (no I did not get fired ;)).

Regret gets me nowhere though and so I am starting to focusing on the good things. And in the end I am happy I took this jump! I learned a lot in a fairly short amount of time, I had some amazing moments, was part of a store opening, was there when some special collections launched and well I just had some really cool colleagues.

While job hunting is not something that I want to do, I need to. But being on the hunt for a new dreamjob does also mean that I might take another jump. I don’t want to make excuses for not jumping anymore. I just want to do it and try it out! So soon I am going to make an appointment with the chamber of commerce and I will figure out how I can pursue my dreams. Hopefully to find out that with some help and advice it can work out the way I hope it will!

In this pictures I am wearing everything (jumpsuit, scarf and heels) from H&M except for the jacket which is from Primark, bag via Urban Outfitters, IKKI watch and Pandora bracelet.

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Insta-Sarandipity #2

Insta-Sarandipity personal update diary fashion blogger

Ciao dearies,

It has been quiet a while since I shared an Instagram diary with you guys but with my absence lately and all the things I did behind the scenes it’s time for a little update! :)

First of all I have been to a couple of pressdays together with my blogger babe Britt. Together we visited several press agencies like Puur PR, Maison PR, Ganbaroo PR and Dijksman Communicatie. I saw some gorgeous collections for the upcoming seasons and I love how pastel colors together with more bright colors will stay on trend for upcoming summer! Some of the favorite brands and items I saw, from left to right top to bottom:

1; LIKETHIS an Amsterdam brand which uses amazing materials and gorgeous colors. 2; Beautiful jewelry by Jesse Jewelry. 3; Pastel colors in the Ganbaroo PR showroom. 4; Marlies Dekkers lingerie. 5; Stunning dress by designer Dennis Diem. 6; MICHEAL KORS watch. 7; Perfect perfumes, Flora by Gucci. 8; Love stories lingerie, I am in LOVE with this brand! 9; The spring / summer 2015 collection from designer Dorhout Mees.

Besides being busy with my blog behind the scenes I also had some none blog trips which where really fun as well! Read more for the full Instagram update!

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Dressing up for pressdays – Outfit preview


Ciao dearies,

Right now I am on my way to Amsterdam to visit press agencies again! It is always so weird to be looking at summer collections while winter is slowly kicking in, but it is also something very special.

Before I leave home I wanted to share a sneak outfit preview of an upcoming look with you all. I try to always dress up a bit when I go to Amsterdam for an event or press day. I try to look my  best, look approachable but I also wear something that makes me feel good. Since I tend to do a lot of networking during these events I want to feel confident and happy so I can talk to people easier and show them who I am.

Last week I wore a H&M jumpsuit and very fluffy H&M scarf while visiting press days and today I am going for a more casual look… :) Can’t wait to show you more shots but I need to run now!

Have a lovely day!


Hello November – October OOTD recap

outfit-recap-october-sarandipity-fashion-blog-ootd- October OOTD recap

Ciao dearies!

November is here and while the temperatures here in Holland are still pretty good it its slowly getting colder! In October I shared 6 different outfits with you and today I want to say Hello to November and share my October OOTD recap with you.

So the first outfit I shared with you last month was my final outfit from Firenze, where I explained to you how I felt ‘free like a butterfly‘ at that moment. The photos were made by my Swiss friend Diego when we were at one of the most pretty places in Firenze with a gorgeous view over the whole city and its nature and surrounding towns. I still miss Firenze so much, and I really hope that I will be able to visit this city more often! (Right now I am figuring out if it is possible to study there for a semester or something…)

In the second outfit I am showing you my new leather boots from DUO for the first time! As u can see I love them since they return in two other looks as well haha.

My third look was, just as the first one, a bit more personal and had a deeper meaning. For me it is important to speak my mind and don’t bottle up my feelings. Read the full story on this outfit and tell me what you think.

Outfit number four shows you my favorite denim jacket whit my blog name on it. I am so happy with this item! Look number five for sure is my most favorite outfit of this October OOTD recap. I love the items individually but together it is just perfect if you ask me. And the background of these photos is amazing as well. Oh how I love Rotterdam! Look number five is more recent and with this look I just loved how it showed my more mature and serious side. The other side also shows a gorgeous felt bag from Otra-Parte!

Which look is your favorite?



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