Sunday Special: MBFWA – Tony Cohen

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Hi dearies,

The first Sunday Special is all about Tony Cohen! Ever since my interest in fashion started growing and I got to know more designers, Tony Cohen has been one of my favorite Dutch designers!

Tony Cohen always shows gorgeous feminine designs. His designs are very well made and this designer really knows how to work with different fabrics. As an auto-didactic he taught himself how to design. Amazing right?! His strength is the way he shapes his designs in a way that it accentuates the most beautiful parts of the feminine body. Kim Feenstra once told me in a short interview that in his designs you will feel sexy, powerful and feminine. My guess is that she right then told me nothing but the truth. The designs sure look like it!

As usual I loved the show from Tony Cohen! Ever since my first visit to Amsterdam Fashion Week, a little more than a year ago, the fashion show of Tony Cohen has been my highlight of fashion week. A must see.

Click on the famous read more button for a special surprise (especially for my Dutch followers) and some more photos!

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MBFWA: Dorhout Mees ‘O’ my God


Dutch designer Dorhout Mees knows how to wow the Dutch fashion lovers! Dorhout Mees showed a gorgeous collection for the S/S 2015 season. The collection named ‘O’ made my mouth fall open and made me sigh of the beauty I saw on the runway.

Dorhout Mees was inspired by water crystals and how they transform under influence of the environment.  For example tears of joy has balanced water crystals that look pretty. While tears of pain or sadness look messy and broken. Within ‘O’ you can see this inspiration in different parts of the designs, like the shapes, prints and the use of material.
The collection has a clear idea while managing to show different elements and skills of the designer. Most looks had soft shapes, but some looks showed harder less flowy lines.

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it” – Lao Tzu

The beauty of water and water crystals was really something that the collection tried to express. And they managed perfectly! The diversity, originality and feminine looks from the collection made me say “Ohhhh” more than just a couple times. I really loved the shapes from the designs, the use of different colors and materials. Can you imagine going to a special occasion wearing one of these fabulous pieces? Turning heads? I for sure can!

My final thought? ‘O’ my God, this designer is good!

Thanks to Dorhout Mees and PR agency Ganbaroo for inviting me! I loved the show! What do you think of this collection and my photos? Let me know in a comment.

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MBFWA: Zyanya Keizer rocked the runway

Hi dearies,

More than two weeks ago already, gosh time flies when you are having fun (or working hard ;)) I went to fashion week and saw some amazing shows. One of these shows was the show from Zyanya Keizer.

In a nutshell, fierce, rock and roll, tough, spiky and speaking to your imagination.This fashion show was truly one that blew my mind and stayed there for a couple of hours maybe even days. Wondering what the idea and point of view behind this collection from Zyanya Keizer was.

Maybe taking girl power to the next level?! I don’t know for sure but what I do know is that I loved the designs! Some were super fierce almost monstrous while others were softer, more fluffy and feminine. The bead work intrigued me while the models where strutting down the catwalk. The movement in the beaded designs was amazing and lucky me I caught some of those movements in a photograph!

Did I already say that this collection amazed me? The diversity within the designs but with a clear red thread made me love almost every single piece. From the red beaded dress, to the black beaded dress (enchanting movements), the icy but soft looking crystal white dress with gorgeous embellishments, the leather pieces, the eye-catching collars. I loved it! Thank you Zyanya Keizer for this gorgeous collection and good luck with your design career!!

I am really curious to find out about your opinion! So please let me know what you think of this collection :)


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Travel Thursday: New York City hotspots


“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.” – A quote that I think is so true. I am so lucky to be able to see this much of the world and that is why I’ll take you with me on my exciting journeys!

It’s Thursday again, which means it’s time for my first real travel post! This time I’m telling you all about my favorite spots in the Big City of New York.

As I’ve told you in my last post, I have spent three weeks in one the coolest cities in the world; fashion and career capital New York City! While strolling through downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn I came by some cool neighborhoods and pretty areas. So, if your planning to go to the city soon, let me name a few…

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MBFWA: Ready to Fish by Ilja Visser

Ready to fish-iljavisser-peterstigter-fashionweek-amsterdam-dutch-fashion-blog5

Hi dearies!

Today I want to share my view on the Ready to Fish show with all of you.Ready to fish by Ilja Visseris a ready to wear line with casual and chic items. Unfortunately my own photos did not turn out that well so all credits for these photos go to fashion photography Peter Stigter and his team!During last winters fashion week I got to see my first Ready to Fish show and I fell in love with the skills of this designer. The pieces shown were original and very wearable.

This edition I was super happy when I got an invitation and I was looking forward to seeing this show a lot. The show started and I immediately recognized the simplicity and femininity that I had seen at the previous show from Ilja Visser as well. The collection was playful and mature with graphic prints, primary shapes on some designs (which made me think of the fashion is art trend as seen at Celine, Prada and Chanel for S/S2014). Ilja Visser showed us with her new collection that she can design for different types of women. Besides simplicity and femininity her designs showed sophistication, sportiness, and some items where really chic as well.

Above all I loved the use of happy colors, both popping colors and soft colors, like lilac, yellow, lavender blue, purple and of course black and white.

Of course I picked out some favorites and to my surprise most of them are looks with the lilac  / lavender blue color. So this color really gets my attention. It’s probably because in these colors every skin color looks gorgeous and I think this color is very easy to style as well. My favorite items where everything from the second look (above), the off-white sweater and jacket from look 5 & 6 (below) and the total looks 8 & 9! Wow I am having a lot of favorites haha. I can not wait for this collection to come in stores and shop some of them to show you next summer!


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